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for photo & video creatives

Introduction to the Music Industry

Objectives of the course: To provide a comprehensive understanding of the role of a touring music photographer and videographer. Learn the significance of creating a career in the touring music industry.

A True Mentorship Program

Over the course of 2 weeks you will be working 1 on 1 with me to create tangible goals for yourself to get you working in the music industry. While also learning everything you need to know about how to have a successful career as a touring photographer/videographer.

A Comprehensive Guide

You will be given access to my comprehensive 40+ page touring guide in which we go over Tour Dynamics, Capturing Moments, Equipment Essentials, Technical Skills, Story Telling Techniques, Building Relationships + Networking, Post-Production Workflow, Contracts and Business Considerations + Much more.

Program Features

2 week course on all aspects of touring for photography & videography

40+ page PDF to jumpstart your touring career

Private Discord Community for all course members to network, gather feedback, share ideas, and collaborate

Quick response time for answering questions post-course

Fully remote - course calls can be done online or in person

Future learning opportunities with current touring professionals

Over A Decade Of Experience Touring In The Music Industry With NF, Rebelution, GRiZ + More

Nick R.

"Sam's work is phenomenal. I first heard of him as he does tour photography and videography for my favorite artist. Recently, he launched his Touring Mentorship course which consists of an introductory get-to-know-you type of call, 4 one-on-one calls discussing different aspects of the course (typically on a weekly basis), as well as the opportunity to stay in contact with him for anytime down the road. His mentorship course really helped me understand the bigger picture of not even tour photography and videography, but also the music industry itself. Overall, the work that Sam does is excellent, and he is a great person to converse with."

About Your Mentor!

My name is Sam "Deen" Medina

I am a director & video editor with over a decade of experience touring in the music industry with artists such as NF, Rebelution, GRiZ, and many more. I love teaching and helping others navigate their careers. I would love to get to know and see how I can help work with you to reach your goals!

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Mentorship Program Options


Send me a message here or Instagram to get started today!

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